Enviroguard, upgrade of traditional septic tank in Cumbria.

Enviroguard recently received an enquiry from a residential house that was on a traditional septic tank that was discharging into a watercourse.

Sewage waste for the property was to a traditional septic tank and discharging into a nearby stream. The client was aware that his tank was not complying with the new General Binding Rules for small sewage discharge (SSDs) and asked Enviroguard for recommendation and costings to bring the property waste treatment up to a standard that complied with the new waste discharge legislation (General Binding Rules).

The premier Tech Eco Flo tank was chosen for this project as the existing septic tank was in good condition, we just needed to get the level of treatment to an acceptable level so discharge into the stream could be maintained.

The eco flo system allowed Enviroguard the opportunity to install a treatment process on the outlet of the existing tank which provided an ecological treatment process that increased the purity of the discharge to an acceptable level so the existing outlet into the stream could be maintained.

If you require an new package treatment plant or existing tank upgrade Enviroguard can be contacted on 015397209509


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