Drain gullies play an important part in the drainage system. Drain gullies are small basins which are placed in the ground to receive wastewater from the kitchen, bathroom, utility room and gutters around your property. The wastewater then flows through a network of pipes before it enters the main sewer network.

However, just like most pipework, drain gullies can become blocked by soil, leaves and fat deposits or potentially be damaged by the water freezing during cold weather That can prevent the flow of water into the main sewer, leading to leaks, odours and even a backup of wastewater into your property.

Enviroguard gully cleaning service

If you have a blockage in your drain gullies, unfortunately it’s not an issue that will resolve itself. Enviroguard can provide a quick, economic fix to protect your property and get your wastewater flowing freely once again.

There are two ways we can clean and maintain your gullies. We can either use or van mounted jetter’s to remove stubborn blockages such as grease, fat and oil, or we can use a specialist hose to suck the debris that is causing the blockage. The waste can then be hygienically and safely removed.

Both of these methods allow us to remove even the toughest of blockages in minutes. As well as unblocking the gully, we also remove any additional debris, check the condition of the gully covers and give everything a good clean so your gullies are effectively as-new.

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