Root Cutting

Problems caused by roots

Root ingress in surface and foul water drains is a common reason for  blockages and breakage’s within the pipework.

Tree and plant roots are always attracted to a water source, they always attempt to grow back, which causes the same problem over again.

Enviroguard specialise in dealing with removal of roots from drainage systems, drain repairs and relining.

How we do it

Root ingress / intrusion is a major factor in drains blocking and breakage’s within the pipework. However these roots can be removed by specialist root removal cutters which are powered by water.

This specialist equipment removes roots without having to excavate.  It also restores the flow and the drain to its full capacity.

Drain lining can also be carried out after root cutting to prevent the roots from returning and causing future issues.

Enviroguard’s  engineers are experts at root cutting, once the work has been completed a CCTV drain survey will be provided to show the freely running drain.

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