Septic tank installation

Installing a septic tank is a complicated and involved job. There are numerous rules and regulations surrounding septic tanks covering from where it can be situated, to where the waste water must go once it leaves the septic tank.

Enviroguard carry our due diligence and will provide a costing for the correct and most cost-effective solution for your property that complies with then new general binding rules.

Septic Tank 


It is no longer legal to discharge the waste water from a traditional septic tank straight to a watercourse or ditch, so it can only go to a soakaway or drainage field, if your system is discharging to a watercourse it will need upgrading to a package treatment plant, please see bellow.

Sewage treatment plant installation

As the waste water leaving a sewage treatment plant is typically cleaner and more environmentally friendly than the waste from a septic tank, there are more options available where the tanks can be located and where they discharge to.

It might be possible to connect the treatment plant to a local watercourse or ditch, or if there aren’t any that run close to your property then a soakaway system or drainage field may be required.

Sewage Treatment Plant


Enviroguard are experts in dealing with all aspects of septic tanks and sewage treatment plant installation  and have all the expertise, experience and equipment necessary to make sure your project is completed to the highest standard.


Recent install of a traditional septic tank near Coniston


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