The Benefits of using Enviroguard

Enviroguard have the experience in resolving drain problems in the services industry

We know the last thing you want is a blocked drain resulting in customer complaints or delays to your businesses daily activities. Enviroguard are experts in dealing with drain unblocking, and have all the expertise, experience and equipment necessary to resolve the issue and get things back on track fast with minimum disruption to your business.

Emergency Response 24/7, 365 days

If you do have an emergency drains or plumbing problem, and need help fast, Enviroguard are available 24/7 365 days a year. Our locally based engineers in Cumbria and Lancashire will take the utmost care when fixing your problems, working hard to get the job done effectively and safely.

Problems in Bathroom & Kitchen

Whatever causes a bathroom blockage, we can fix it. Whether the solution is a manual unblock to clear a toilet, or clear standing water out of a bath, shower or basin, we can do it. If the problem is more complicated and linked to outside pipe work, our expert engineers can tackle that too. They carry all the equipment they need in our distinctive vans, so whatever the job, there’s no delay.

Solving FOGs Problems

Drains can be blocked by oils or fats that can build up in commercial drains, foreign objects, silt, dirt or leaves washed into gullies can also cause problems.  Enviroguard offer a  fat trap and gully emptying service with our specially designed combination tanker .

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning

For Hotels & Catering premises we recommend regular maintenance checks to nip problems in the bud before they become emergencies. We believe prevention is better than cure; this is why we offer a free visual inspection of your drains prior to giving recommendations and quoting a preventative maintenance agreement. Call us to book an appointment.

Septic Tank and Cesspool Emptying

Rural houses and commercial properties that are located away from the main sewage network commonly use septic tanks or bio disc treatment plants to process their sewage waste. Septic tanks and bio disc treatment plants need de sludging annually to ensure they continue to work correctly. Enviroguard will de sludge your tank efficiently and quickly and remove the waste for safe disposal, we will also provide you with your waste transfer note free of charge.

Enviroguard routinely carry our septic waste removal for residential households, hotels, rural pubs, caravan parks and campsites, schools and colleges in Cumbria and North Lancashire.