The Benefits of using Enviroguard

Enviroguard have vast experience working on industrial sites. The company is Registered with CHAS so be re assured Enviroguard are compliant with your H&S requirements.

EA Compliance

We understand that many sites require detailed CCTV surveys to comply with legislation as a detailed understanding of their drainage systems is a pre-requisite to compliance by the EA. Our Health & Safety standards and efficiently helps Enviroguard stand out in the market place as the experts for industrial work.

Understanding the Problem

Our engineers take great pride in their work. If a drain unblock is proving a challenge and the immediate cause isn’t obvious, we can investigate further by offering a CCTV survey of your drains. We run a camera down the drain to discover the root of the problem and with this information we are much better placed to fix it.

Liquid Waste Removal

Enviroguard offer tank washing and bund cleaning, our combination jetvac tankers are ideal to both jet through the layers of product residue, while having the capability to load and transport the waste product for disposal.

Enviroguard are registered waste carriers and will de sludge your tank efficiently and quickly and remove the waste for safe disposal, we will also provide you with your waste transfer note free of charge.

Available 24/7, 365

If you do have an emergency drains or plumbing problem, and need help fast, Enviroguard are available 24/7 365 days a year. Our locally based engineers in Cumbria and Lancashire will take the utmost care when fixing your problems, working hard to get the job done effectively and safely.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Enviroguard routinely carry out regular maintenance checks on drainage systems around industrial sites. A regular CCTV inspection can check to ensure there is no build up or blockage which could become a long-term problem. Call Enviroguard to learn more.

High Pressure Jetting

Our vehicle mounted high pressure jetting equipment provides superb cleansing performance; whether your requirements are the ongoing maintenance of pipes and drains, or simply power washing a building or specific item, our engineers have the correct tools for the job.